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Megasaray, Turkey - 6th October 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I will finally describe you our hotel. The thing that impresses me so much is global gardening of that place. Can you imagine that each small stalk here is planted manually and is fed with water from tubes specially carried out underground! Palm trees, pines, bushes, flowers... It is impossible to present, how much work is made to transform this stony beach into the small paradise garden suitable for a relaxation. :o
Walls are twisted with ivy here; all paths are surrounded with bushes. If someone wants to walk in the evenings, instead of to sit in a bar, walking paths are fantastic! :D
Also I see a set of fruit-trees. Eh, it is a pity that now pomegranates and oranges aregreen. In late autumn, I think, it would be possible to walk and take a couple!  :cyclops:


And this beautiful stone pine that is native to the Mediterranean region. Do you know that stone pines have been used and cultivated for their edible pine nuts since prehistoric times? They are widespread in horticultural cultivation as ornamental trees, planted in gardens and parks around the world. The tree in height is about 20-30 meters, lives till 500 years. :stare:

Certainly, there should be palm trees on the seashore! Small ones and bigger ones and huge ones - they are absolutely everywhere. Also don't forget about figs! :)

To diversify the nature, a set of bright flowers grow here. On fences...
on bushes…
or simple on beds. Let's be photographed! B)
Here is our hotel. All buildings were grouped in the center…
left all other place for beautiful postcard views :rolleyes:

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