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Berlin, Germany - 11th December 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Hey mommy,

what´s going on? I have one party after the next one with Ronya, Lucas and Biff.  B) So cool here.

The last weekend Ronya and I baked some christmas cookies. It made so much fun and we ate so many cookies after finishing baking that our stomache hurted a bit.  :thinking: But now everything is fine again.

Host mommy did some pictures from us during the baking. We couldn´t decide which cookie will be the best one and so we did a lot of different kinds of. My favorites were the Ischler Plätzchen - they made with jam and chocolate. SOOOO YUUUMMMMY.  :cyclops: 

Some of the cookies we sent to host mommys and daddys family and they were very happy after receiving the small package. <: )

Host mommy told me today that I have to leave her very soon. On the one hand it is a pity but I´m excited about my new adventures. Host mommy doesn´t want to tell me where I am going. Shall be a christmas suprise. TzTzTz. But it is ok for me. :D

Kisses to you.
Yours Nikita


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