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Vilnius, Lithuania - 27th July 2012

By: coraline

My mom Karolina was really busy this week, so I didn't have much chances to go somewhere. But we spent a really good time at home with my other friends TV's!

Soap bubbles are so much fun! :D


And look how many nice postcards my mummy has received from Belarus and Italy! I hope that one day I'll travel there:


We wanted to choose a place where to go next (in Vilnius). Karolina gave us a map of the city and we had a really hard time thinking what would be the best place to go next week. But we did it, we chose it! Shh, it's a secret...


A day with a movie is even better -we saw "Tangled". It was such a great story!


And then Karolina decided to take us for a walk outside, near the house. Another friend came with us - it's Karolina's rabbit, named Mr. Rabbit :) He's so adorable:


Well, that's all for now. It's really hot outside, so I'm almost melting here. But I guess it's the real summer, right?


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