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Jyväskylä, Finland - 10th September 2012

By: mmm105

Hello mommy!

I arrived in Finland today!!! I'm here, mommy!!!  :D

When I came out off my envelope, I met many other ToyVoyagers.
It was really exited to meet new toys, and to get to know each other, and to have so many new friends so suddenly. Yeah, but it was really fun!!!  :D


They all gave me a group hug as a welcome. :)


And mommy, let me introduced Kurnau cat. He is hostmom's toy, and he will be my host here, too.


Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!!! Guess what?  :o
Something really wonderful happened here. Can you guess it?
Well, there's another sheep toy (NICI sheep) here!!! Her name is Lina, and she comes from Germany.
Mommy, in the very first minutes here, I completed one part of my life mission!!!  :D
Look, here is the picture of us.


Do we look like sisters? :D


I feel so comfortable and nice. It's so wonderful, that there's another TV sheep like me here. Now I'm 100% for sure, that I will enjoy my time here in Finland!!!  :D


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