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Biedenkopf, Germany - 23rd February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today i was on tour with Misslucy and Rishu in Biedenkopf. Eustachia met a little fluffy cock thar and he came along with us.

His name be Mr. Quakedi and i think he be a very nice guy. A bit crazy, but i loves crazy guys. Harhar


So let's welcome him. Wow, he be really cuddly!


Then we talked a bit about bein' a ToyVoyager and about our adventures we already had. Hopefully he will find a host very soon.


After that, he wanted t' show us t' castle Biedenkopf. Okay.. let's go! Castle? Arrr, you know what i'm thinkin'...  :D

First of all a group photograph!


Let us enter this castle and find t' treaaye!


C'mon me buckos, remain defiant!


We wanted t' visit t' museum, but unfortunately it be closed until 31th march.
Don't give me that shit! Let's enter it!


Look, i'm at t' courtyard and t' treaaye be only a few meters far away...


But nooo, these white-bread guys don't want t' enter t' museum while it be closed..

As t' museum was closed we couldn't climb up t' castle, so we have t' take some pictures from downstairs. Boooorin'!


Next time i will force this castle!


On our way t' Haiger we passed a wood with a great mesterious look. I had t' take a picture o' that! B) Wooow, so cool!


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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