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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 27th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today be a very special day for me, because i will leave me new home and travel t' me first host.

But what's that? There are 3 envelopes...


Aarrr, Mr. Quakedi and Tamina be goin' t' leave Laubach-Münster today, too.


T' starboard one be for meeeee!
But first o' all i need a biiig hug from everyone!


Here we go!


Well, i'm t' first one who jumps into t' envelope.
I'm shovin' off me buckos and keep a stiff upper lip!


Tamina, you're t' next one.


And last but not least.. Mr. Quakedi.


Here we are.. three guys leavin' their home!


Me first stop be Dortmund. I'm excited how many treaayes i will find thar! I'll let you know  ;) Harhar

I'm shovin' off
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