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Hexham, England - 16th July 2012

By: Snamoen

Hi Mum,

Today I went to a house party!  It was SO much fun!!

I arrived and HelgaHH invited me and some friends in.

The carpet in her Hostmum's house had been converted to a dance floor and the music playing was some of my favourite tunes, so I danced most of the night.

When I wasn't dancing, I was talking to other TVs, in particular HelgaHH - we have lots in common.

I was also dared to drink some... or rather, a lot...

Which might explain how I found myself like this when I woke up:


Oh well, it was a lot of fun!  And when hostmum came back, she had no idea what we'd been up to.  She was quite surprised to see me, of course.  But she said because I've become such good friends with the other TVs she's hosting, and you're a good friend to her, that I can stay and go with her and the rest of the TVs on their holiday, yay!


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