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Kusudasi, Turkey - 22nd July 2012

By: Snamoen

Hi Mum!

Today was such an exciting day!  Were in Kusadasi in Turkey.  We did quite a lot today.

First we went to visit the Virgin Mary house.  This house is believed to be the last house that the Virgin Mary lived in before she died.  Every year thousands of people (Christians and Muslims alike) make a pilgrimage to visit the house.

They write prayers on pieces of paper, or napkins or anything they can find and put them on this wall.  Look Mum how many thousands of prayers do you think are here?

Then we went to the ancient city of Ephesus, which was built in 2000BC.

This is where people in the government went for meetings kind of like the houses of parliament today.

Here you can see part of the city, with the library in the background.
And this is the theatre, where they held plays and sang.


We also ran in to some fellow Toyvoyagers!  Unfortunately I forgot their names...

Look - these mosaics are the original ones.

We stayed in Ephesus for about 3 hours it was so hot!  About 38C.  Afterwards, we went and had a look around Kusadasi.  Here you can see me overlooking the town.

Eventually the sun wore us out and we decided to go back to our ship and relax on the balcony.

Its been a great day Mummy!


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