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Hexham, England - 8th August 2012

By: Snamoen

Hi Mum,

Guess what?  Lizzy Lizard had a brilliant surprise for us today - she had made a swimming pool!!  We had wondered where she'd gone, and we came across her like this.

We all thought it was amazing - such a good idea.  And of course, while the others relaxed on the chairs and Sheela played us some music on her drum, I jumped straight in the pool.

I had so much fun swimming.

And floating on my back...

And leaning on the corners of the pool, enjoying the cool water and the warm sun.  Aaah... bliss!

Paula Hip joined me as well, but she didn't want to get wet, so she used the canoe.  It looked like fun - but I much prefer to swim and get wet!


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