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Vienna, Austria - 4th August 2012

By: Djali


Here's another update from me and my experiences in Vienna! Everything's fine here, I'm enjoying my stay.  :D

Yesterday we went to the Albertina, a big museum and art collection in the inner city. Djali took a picture of me with the big imperial crown on top of the building. I really like all shiny things here.

A few steps from the Albertina there is the Burggarten and the Schmetterlingshaus (Butterfly House). Djali went there to by some tickets as a birthday present. It's really hot in there, but sadly we had no time to visit all the butterfly in there.

In the Burggarten, Djali wanted to show me the big statue of the emperor Franz-Josef. She really likes it.  Well, the first picture isn't that great, but I thought you'd still like to see the statue near and close up.
This is a better shot of me and the emperor:

In Vienna, there are really a lot of statues of kings, emperors, composers, musicians and many other famous, but long dead, people. Maybe I'll get to see some more...

Bye bye! :p

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