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Witten, Germany - 26th May 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum!

Today we went to friends from my host parents. They also joint Toyvoyagers and we wanted to meet their TVs and watch the Eurovision Song contest together.
We meet Imodra Dragon, her tree kids Ranja, Spikey and Little, Cosy and Zeitgeist.
Here you could see a group picture from us all together.


Before the Song Contest started, we made some flags for all the countries that were participating in the contest.




When we were finished, we all sat down to watch the contest.




I am for the Candidate from Iceland


We made our own ranking for the countries. At the moment I think the Swedish candidate was the best and Iceland could make the 4th place


Watching the contest and cheer for the candidates made me really thirsty


The Swedish candidate won the contest and the candidate from Iceland made the 20th place


It was a funny evening, especially the meeting with the other TVs.

See you soon
Milk Chocolate

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