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Movie Park, Bottrop, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: Shilo

Hi Mum!

Today was very exciting, because we went to the Movie Park in Bottrop. It is a very cool amusement park. 
Here you can see me in front of the entrance.


The “Bermuda Triangle-Alien Encounter” is a very cool water ride. But the Aliens made awful noises.


Everywhere on the streets we saw cool cars. Some of them were really old and others looked like they came right out of an action movie.





Riding this chairoplane made a lot of fun


“Time Riders” was cool, it is a flight simulator


It was so hot today, that we made a short break and bought a slush. It was really tasty.


When I looked around on the streets of New York, I saw this wonderful poster. Isn’t it nice?


In the background you could see the “Avatar Air glider” and the “Ghost chasers”. It made fun, riding on them, but I think the Air glider is better.


Before we went home, we watched a Show called “Back to the movies”. At this show they played a lot of cool film themes and danced to them.



It was a great day. And Shilo told us, that when the weather is good, we will visit the “Heidepark” in Soltau in two weeks. I hope we could get there.

See you soon
Yours Milk Chocolate

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