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Heidepark, Soltau, Germany - 7th June 2012

By: Shilo

Hey Mum,

I am very happy, because today we went to Soltau to visit the Heidepark.
When we stood up in the morning we weren’t sure if the weather would be good, but we were so excited that we started our journey anyway.

After three hours in the car we are finally at the entrance of the park. I am so happy that we are here now and the weather looks good.


Behind me you could see the roller coaster Limit. First I was a little bit scared because it looked so fast but then I had a lot of fun riding on it.


After the ride we went on the Panorama tower. From so high above we had a great view over the whole park.





Then we went into the haunted house called Krake lebt. First we went under water with a submarine and under water there were a lot of scary sea monsters.


This roller coaster behind me is called Colossos. It is the biggest wood coaster in the world. Host dad wanted to have a ride on it, but we were too scared of the height.


We took a little break on this cool stone turtles in front of the Limit Roller coaster. While we sat here and enjoyed the sun, we were visited by a goose and here kids.



This free-fall tower is called scream. Host dad went on it, but for me it was too high. I went on this free-fall tower called screamie. It is the small brother of scream.



Riding this water slide made a lot of fun.


Now the park is closing and we were driving home. The day was really great, I love amusement parks.

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