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Graz, Austria - 11th February 2012

By: dani_claudia

Hi mum!
I've finally arrived austria :) It wasn't a long trip but anyway 3days are enough for a dinosaur in such a small packet! hihi
I risked a look out ;)


The first I saw were two other TV's. They were very curious :D


One of them tried to touch me because he wasn't shure what I am :D


I was crawling outside and they seemed to be a little bit afraid because I'm a dinosaur.. but I'm not a dangerous one.. I'm very friendly and helpful :)


so we got friends very fast :)


Beside me this is Chacaice. He's from brazil.. and the chameleon on the right side is Bruce Lee. He is from texas :) they are very nice guys!


Today is a cold weather outside and it is snowing so we decided to stay at home..



and have a look at some fotos from Bruce Panda. He is the TV from Claudia and is having a nice time in brazil now :)



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