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Bremen, Germany - 22nd February 2014

By: -[Dino]-

Hi mom!

Today was an exciting day!  :cyclops:

We went to Bremen for a postcrossing meeting. The winter break is now officially over!  B)

First we went by car to the train station and then by train to Bremen main station where we met lots and lots of other postcrossers - it was a big meeting.

This is on our way through the countryside:


And here we are sitting on our seat:


After having met with all the other people we went into the city center. And guess what we saw?! The statue of the famous town musicians!  :cyclops:


There were many, many people in the city because it was "Samba Karneval" that day.


And we saw a Chinese dragon in action.


On our way through the city we saw the Christmas store.


It's a shop selling Christmas stuff the whole year round.

Then we visited the oldest part of Bremen - the Schnoor.


It's a medieval quarter with lots of small alleys, cobble stone pavement and very small houses.

We were very hungry by then and happy when we finally arrived at the restaurant.

After eating we signed lots and lots of postcards.


We also met Henri again and made a new friend: Quacky-King who is on holiday in Switzerland and came all the way to Bremen with his host.


Here is more proof of us being in Bremen.  :D :D


We also sent cards to other TVs who couldn't be here and met Olga the owl.


On our way back to the train station we saw some more town musicians who were reading on a soccer field.


It was a fun but also exhausting day!  :)

Yours Batgirl

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