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Torino, Italy - 10th March 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!

I'm sorry I didn't write you earlier, but I really didn't do anything special lately...  :thinking:

This was Cessy's last weeked in Torino, so Francy took us to a special place:


This tall building you see behind me is called "Mole", and we went on the top of it!

The queue to enter was more than one hour long, so Francy had plenty of time to explain us something about it. She told us it was originally built to be a Synagogue, but then it became too expensive for the Jew community, so they made a museum out if it. It now hosts the museum of cinema. There is also a sort of "urban legend" that Torino University student can't go on the top of the Mole, if they will they will never graduate!  :rolleyes:
Francy graduated one year ago, so no risk about it - but it's her first time to go up as well!  :p

Oh, finally it's our turn to go up....

... and here we are! Torino overview from the different sides!



When we came out, the night was starting falling down, so I could see it lighted!



As we came back home, we did a little farewell party to say goodbye to Cessy. There also was a cake!



Later on, Kazumi and I helped Cessy picking a postcard for her next host, and we prepared her envelope to make it confortable for the journey...



Hope she will have a safe travelling!

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