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Milan, Italy - 16th April 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mummy!!!! :)

You see, today my host Francy had to go to Milan for a job interview, so Kazumi and I decided to go with her to watch her steps... and to have a look around!  :rolleyes:

Unluckily, we couldn't go in the office with her  :(
But we found how to spend the time she was away in a local playground!  :D






As soon as she came back, we went for a little touristic tour of the city, first of all we saw the Dome, the main attraction of the city  :)


The weather was not so good, you see...  :thinking: but we went on and reached the most famous theatre in Milan, "La Scala"



Right outside of it, there's Leonardo Da Vinci's statue. Francy told us one of his most famous masterpiece, "The Last Supper", is in Milan itself, but in a place we had no time to reach  :thinking:


But, we still had time to go for shopping in the city galleries!  B)


Then we got back in Torino by train. But it looks like our trips are not over yet... we're travelling again tomorrow!!!!  :p

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