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Ballarat, Australia - 14th December 2011

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum and Dad,

Today we had a big day out - we had a long drive in the card to Ballarat Wildlife Park.
Here we go!!
this is a Tasmanian Devil - they scream and growl alot and are pretty scarey!! The early settlers in Tasmania could hear them but could only see their ears in the bush - the ears look red with the light behind them, hence the name devil. They are meat eaters, so I didn't want to get too close!! ;)
here I am with some Western Gray kangaroos - they are very friendly and very interested in the food people feed them with! They love the corn and grain mix.
here is a kangaroo having a scratch and an emu
this emu was watching us and the food we had given a kangaroo
we think this was a crocodile although it might have been an alligator - in which case it isn't Australian  ;)
this lizard kept on digging by the glass trying to get out, but it stopped when I went to have a look, maybe it thought I would be good dinner??  :o
the giant tortoise are eating mushrooms and cucumber
Oohh...crocodile!! :(
Here is Misty the koala - isn't she cute? Not as cute as me of course but still cute! ;)
here I was saying hello, how are you to the baby wombat - wombat's are nocturnal so this one should have been in bed asleep, but there was a tour group just before us so maybe it was woken up to be patted by the tourists. It feels like a wire brush!! This wombat is one year old.
and here we are on the way home - I am a bit tired now, so I'm off for a sleep in the back seat!! :D This has been a busy day.

Love and hugs

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