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Íhringen, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: Zandy

After creating my profile, I read sportsnews. That's also important for me, because I must know who wins what and what happend in the sportsworld. And especially now, when winter comes I'm intersted in wintersports.


One of my missions is to go skiing or snowboarding, so I also look for the right equipment. But that's not so easy. There are so much nice things.


But if i go snowboarding, I have allready the right board.


A board with a unicorn like me. Ok, not really, this unicorn on the board has wings. It's more a Pegasus, but we are related.  ;) And of course I watch at some snowsportspictures. Maybe I can do this, too?!



We will see. First I must find a host, because mommy is no skiingfan.  :D So it's time to search, right?!

Sporty greetings,

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