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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 27th November 2011

By: Zandy

On sunday me and my friends had some time, to play, because mommy and her boyfriend were invited for lunch. So we plaed a little bit with his truck. It was much fun.


Holgi HH was our driver, because he was the only one who could get behind the steering wheel. He made a really good job. (My little donkey *ähäm* ^^)  ;)


Later, when mommy and her boyfriends come back home, we decided to craft some strawstars. It was our first time, so we thought it would be a little bit diffucult. But after our first try it was really easy.


Here you can see me and my friends watering the straw, so that we can press them.


And than I could try to craft one star. First I was a little confuse about it, because you must put the straw in different holes.


But after the first round I get it.


And after binding and cutting the straw my star was ready.  :D


Ele, Hanni and Holgi HH made some strawstars, too. Here you can see us all with our own creations.


Nice one, or? We all think we are very talented in crafting some things. But I decided my best talant is sport.  :D

So sporty greetings,

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