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Durham, England - 13th December 2012

By: Gizalba

Helloo mum! So sorry it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last updated! :( But we are going to start catching up, beginning with December last year:

We went with our host for a walk around Durham on the way to the last day of lectures. We went along what is called 'The Bailey' and then stopped off at the cathedral. It was a very cold day but the mist was pretty. I decided to try to take a silhouette picture of myself and the cathedral.

We walked back into the centre of the city then across the bridge where the sky and river looked lovely.

Next we went to the science site where the lectures are and took a picture of the new statue in front of the library. The statue is so depressing it is actually quite funny. My host thinks that the statue accurately represents how students feel when entering the library  People start crying and screaming 'Nooo!' Haha, that is a joke... I hope ;)

We then faced the hill up to the psychology department which was our destination.

When we went back it had gone dark so we went back through the centre to see the lights. Our camera isn't that good in the dark though. I saw santa's grotto :)

We have now travelled back to the north west for christmas, so we will update with christmas shenanigans soon!


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