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Durham City, England - 14th June 2012

By: Gizalba

MUM WE'RE HERE!!! :D I could hardly contain my excitement on arrival, but we had to wait in the college post room for a while until Mirembe's mum came to get us. I then heard small voices around, laughing at what was written on our envelope ;) 'Toy voyagers on tour! Travelling giraffe and monkey inside' Hehehe.

Mirembe was pulled out first, then my new Monkey host Sienna gave me a hand. I was so happy to meet her! :) They said we smelt nice :p and so I got out the soap gift, my host was very thankful.

And then... i couldn't resist climbing any longer. Up up up I went :P The others stared in amusement then followed. We had got out in the college reading room which was interesting to explore.

Our host says we arrived just in time for the Summer ball and Olympic torch!

ball1 074.JPG
ball1 079.JPG
ball1 087.JPG
ball1 089.JPG
ball1 091.JPG
ball1 092.JPG
ball1 095.JPG
ball1 097.JPG
ball1 099.JPG
ball1 100.JPG
ball1 101.JPG
ball1 104.JPG

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