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Durham City, England - 15th June 2012

By: Gizalba

BALL TIME!!! :D Helloo mum, sorry I've only just got round to updating some adventures. On my host's birthday in June coincidently it was also the college summer ball, themed 'Around the world in 80 days'. Each Christmas and summer there is a different theme, where the student counsel decorate the hall and bar. This year there were even fair ground rides outside! :o But it got a bit hectic so we didn't get a picture. Edelweiss and I were very excited. After the dinner we had to go back to my host's room so that we would be safe from the drunken antics, but before that we had lots of fun.

I found a TREE!!! B) I had to be dragged away eventually. I also had a ride on a camel that was just outside the dining room. As TVs we didn't need a ticket, but the people partrolling the entrance thought my host looked shifty with a bigger bag so had to check that there was no extra drink hidden in there. They got a surprise when we jumped out :p Luckily we passed as not being forbidden objects.

There were live statues too, which were scaring everyone else, moving unexpectedly every few minutes. But I was brave and with the help of one of my host's friends I climbed up to pose for a picture. Be proud of me mum  :p

Sorry the photos are a bit blurred! The atmospheric lighting was cool, but not so great for pictures.

ball1 120.JPG
ball1 108.JPG
ball1 107.JPG
ball1 112.JPG
ball1 121.JPG
ball1 126.JPG
ball1 129.JPG
ball1 132.JPG
ball1 133.JPG
ball1 135.JPG
ball1 138.JPG
ball1 139.JPG
ball1 164.JPG
ball1 167.JPG

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