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Durham City, England - 16th August 2012

By: Gizalba

Hi mum! Sorry for the long delay, we are back on board for updates now! :) However my host also apologises for the fact we now only have one picture of me at the Olympic torch gathering :( The other week she put her laptop into sleep mode, and it never woke up! :o Luckily we had a spare that we are using now but she had only backed up some of the pictures stored on the old laptop and our olympic ones were lost :( Fortunately we could salvage the below pictures as she had loaded up one of me onto facebook, so we took them off there. Although, since the torch went past so quick and it was rainy and crowded, we sadly didn't get a TV pic watching that moment anyway. I hope you don't mind the ones I have posted to show you what I saw, even though I wasn't on it? The third picture we did take one of me on, so if the other laptop does get fixed then we will substitute it with my pic. But I wanted to show you that picture because it was so nice to see the full rainbow, just as the torch hit the cauldron :) It looks very faint in the picture, but it was beautiful.

On the second picture if you look closely you can see the flame of the torch wooshing past amongst the crowds. It moved so quickly all the kids then ran to meet it at the stage, but we didn't want to get wet or squashed so we stayed under the umbrella. We used the camera to zoom in to see the gymnastics show though :) Gymnastics is the only sport my host watched of the olympics. She isn't very into sports but she says the gymnastics ground work is more dance-like and artistic. Do you think one day there will be TV olympics? I could create a professional tree climbing category :D

We have more updates coming soon!

Jala x


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