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Walton, Warrington, England - 25th August 2012

By: Gizalba

Last week we went to the canal to see if we could find any narrow boats. A friendly duck came to see me, so I chatted to him a bit, although I suspect he had an ulterior motive for being friendly and thought we were going to give him food ;) I met some more ducks along the way. Then some boats came along! :D The people on the boat were smiling at me and one said 'I have a monkey like that!' I do think it is rather rude whether people talk about me rather than to me, but at least they were sociable :)

After watching the boats we came across a little door which looked mysterious. We thought maybe a secret garden was behind it but sadly our host told us we shouldn't try to get in as somebody might live there and think we are spying.

Canal 012.JPG
Canal 014.JPG
Canal 024.JPG
Canal 025.JPG
Canal 035.JPG
Canal 036.JPG
Canal 042.JPG
Canal 043.JPG
Canal 049.JPG
Canal 054.JPG

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