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Chester, England - 30th August 2012

By: Gizalba

Hello mum :) The other day we went to the city of Chester, which is just next to the Welsh border. First we went to the park. I tried to talk to a squirrel but he was being antisocial :(  So then I went to see a cute train. However we had to cut the kids on it out of the closer picture as we couldn't figure out how to blur them. What is left is a confused looking man :p I also saw a statue with a pigeon on his head :D

We then walked along the famous Chester walls and from there we could see some Roman ruins, including the amphitheatre which you can see in the background of the seventh picture. Further along we looked over to see the main street of Chester.

We also saw the town hall and Chester cathedral, plus an 'old fashioned' sweet shop. The shops there are along what they call 'the rows' and they are pretty. One of the shops sold bears; they were having a picnic! And then we saw a key and I tried to reach up to get it to see what it would open, but I wasn't big enough :(

After our walking we had a rest and I drank some alcoholic slush  Not too much though, I could still walk afterwards ;) 

chester 001.JPG
chester 002.JPG
chester 003.JPG
chester 005.JPG
chester 013.JPG
chester 018.JPG
chester 022.JPG
chester 026.JPG
chester 028.JPG
chester 031.JPG
chester 033.JPG
chester 041.JPG
chester 046.JPG
chester 047.JPG
chester 049.JPG
chester 053.JPG
chester 062.JPG
chester 066.JPG
chester 068.JPG

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