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Runcorn, England - 2nd September 2012

By: Gizalba

On Saturday we went on another walk to the Canal. We went through the woods first and found a nicely carved bench to rest on. Then we proceeded and I spotted a narrow boat when I looked over the bridge. Sienna and I admired the garden of a house that led onto the canal. It looked very pretty and we wondered whether we could get a house like that for monkeys ;)

On the way back we walked in twos and I held Edelweiss's hand to make sure she didn't fall over :)

Near Norten priory 001.JPG
Near Norten priory 004.JPG
Near Norten priory 006.JPG
Near Norten priory 017.JPG
Near Norten priory 028.JPG
Near Norten priory 021.JPG
Near Norten priory 023.JPG

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