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Halton Castle, Cheshire, England - 9th September 2012

By: Gizalba

MUM! I MET AN OWL!!!! :stare: I think she liked me! :D We had a bit of a chat and I explained how I travel as a toyvoyager. She seemed impressed with this and also said it was a nice change to meet someone more of her own size to talk to, as usually she has to put up with all the humans crowding round her. Today she was here to provide entertainment as it was a Heritage open day at the castle (ruins) we were visiting.

It is on the other side of my host's town but we never knew it existed as it isn't usually open to the public. And from up there on the hill we had a lovely view of erm... a power station! It is called Fiddlers Ferry and dominates the landscape round here. Haha, a bit ugly, but we took a photo anyway. It was very windy so I had to be careful not to fly away.

Halton castle 026.JPG
Halton castle 044.JPG
Halton castle 038.JPG
Halton castle 019.JPG
Halton castle 001.JPG
Halton castle 027.JPG

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