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Essen, Germany - 14th February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello again ^^,

later that day, we visited the old city of Recklinghausen. Recklinghausen is a part of Essen. A really old part. They have some new houses there, but most of them are really old.
We wanted to buy some new drinks and Fabi was very thirsty. So we wanted to went to Aldi (do you know it?!). On the parking space of Aldi was a nice monument for the old train station of Recklinghausen. We looked at it and Fabi told us, what was written on the display panel.
Later we went to an old church and looked at it. It was really nice there and they had a lot of colorful windows :)!
We have just a photo from outside, because there was a mass inside...
I will update you soon again,
have a nice day,

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