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Alkmaar, The Netherlands - 29th February 2008

By: Eryah


First i wanna show you a kroket and a frikandel. Both are typical dutch snacks. They taste delicious and if you ever go visit Holland you must eat it.

Today we went to Alkmaarderhout. This park is a part of an old forest with many old trees. You will find an animal farm and the prison.

We wanna see animals but unfortunately the animal farm was closed. We can only see them trought the gates.
The sheeps and goats were inside so we couldn't see them at all but the deers were outside

Look at this beautifull antlers. I'm a little bit jealous right now. I want such angtlers too!

Because the animal farm was closed we decided to go to the Zee aquarium in Bergen aan Zee. Here you have some information about the fish there.

Many fish are as big as a child, because of their size they seem to be very dangerious, but do not harm. Of course the sharks are a different story, watch out for them. Have you noticed that some of these big boys have gloomy colours? They need these dark shades to hunt for other fish. With too many colours their prey can see them coming from a mile away. But there are also fish that need these sharp colours to scare their enemies from them. The Scorpion fish, for example, is a fish that the others stay away from; one sting from this one could mean the end of their life.

An average crayon box does not have enough to paint all of the fish. That's how many shades there are. In the Zee aquarium they have a fish (actually it's a mammal) that does not need much colouring; this is the sperm whale skeleton, it's size is almost 15 meters long and the largest creature in the aquarium.

Look! Mirdin is caress a skate!

It was a pretty long day so i'm gonna rest now for a while.

Big Hugs,


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