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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 24th February 2008

By: Eryah


Yesterday Eva had here date and Theo don't want to miss a thing so he crawled into her bag. It was so funny because i allready know that Eva decided to stay home with the boy  :D
We were sitting on the table and saw it al.

Later on when the boy left the building we heard the mail man. Theo and i were very curious what he brought us. We immediately recognise that kind of envelope. The TV who was into it was scared to come out

Theo and i spoke to him and told him that it wasn't necessary to be scared. Theo shouted come out, it is very excited here and suddenly whe saw a tiny orange head came out of the envelope

We asked him who he was and what his goals are.
Meet Nelly. He's a very sweet guy and we became friends as soon as we saw each other.

Because of al the talking we are getting very hungry and Eva made us a real nice pizza

That evening i told the other two about idols and how excited it is to watch. The semi finals were on and we couldn't decided wich girl must left the show. They all are great singers and beautifull girls.
Everybody, even the host, cried when we heard wich girl it was.

Because we were all emotional we decided to sleep togheter in one bed

I made such good friends here and really love them.

Today Eva learned us some dutch words.
Hello= Hallo
Bye= Doeg or Doei
I love you= Ik hou van jou
Hugs= Knuffel
Sheep= Schaap

Eva is now going to learn us ride on a bike. I'm very excited but also a little bit scared but Eva told me she stay with us and never let us drop.

Ik hou van je and i keep you posted!

Knuffel Chompers

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