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different, netherlands and Germany - 9th March 2008

By: The Sparkle

Today we where traveling from a visit to the mother-inlaw from my host in the Netherlands back home to Germany.

On our trip home we did some geocaching.

Together with Hoppity in front off the car window.
Hoppity did not want to go outside so i go alone with my host to the first cache/treasure.
This one is in the Netherlands.

Here i'm on the tree where they hide the cache unter. Can you see the hiding place?

Me with the cache.
I little box with only a notepaper to leave a message that you have found it.

Under way to the next geocache we have a car picknick.

Some siteseeing in a little village in Germany before we are going to the next hiding place.


The backside off the statue where a cache is hiding. We did not found it because their where to manny people on the road this evening.

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