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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 10th February 2008

By: deleted_member

I woke up really early from the excitement. I was looking all around for the different things I didn't know, and I saw this oxcart, how awesome, I had to climb there! Too bad it didn't have ox, and it was too big for me anyway...


But being up there, I had a better view of the ranch, and found the ideal cart for me! I went for a ride, and to bring some corn for the breakfast :-)

Then, I brought the corn to the pilón, Shirley had exlained to us last night that this was used to ground different things, like coffee and corn... so that's what I did! I wanted to help with the breakfast, but never imagined this would be SO tiring :(

The good thing is, when I was getting too tired, Mimi got up and finished the breakfast from me. She's very nice, a small mouse from German who came here a couple of weeks before I did.

There's also Oscar Jaguar, he actually lives here in Costa Rica, but is preparing to go away anyway soon. He's been really helpful because he knows the place better than us.
While Mimi finished our breakfast, we went to a near tree, and had a boy's talk :D

After we ate, we all sat in a comfy leather chair with cool draws about Costa Rica, it's so sunny and warm in here!

Then we saw some funny mushrooms, and played there! :)


It was a good day!

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