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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 11th February 2008

By: deleted_member

This was our last day in the farm, we did so many things! It's a shame to leave, but we were promised to visit more exciting places soon  :D

First, I saw Oscar was climbing into a palm, and I wanted to try too! It was my first time doing it, so he helped me a little, but I finally made it!



Poor Mimi didn't make it so far, but she's smaller, so I think she did a good job!

After that, we saw some local rooster, and decided to play with him!  :cyclops:

But he was way bigger than he looked from the distance! That was scary, but we were okay and Shirley rescued us in the end.



Then, we met a friend who would be less dangerous... he's called Toady, but wasn't very talkative...

The day was even better than yesterday! So blue and bright, so we all player and ran all over the place all morning!

By the afternoon, we were really tired, but we found a great spot to rest and to watch birds, squirrels, and other animals.

We saw a bird sitting on her eggs, how nice!

We are all such great friends now!

I'm going to miss Amapola... bye bye farm! bye bye cabin!

The good thing is we went to the center of Esparza to have lunch, before to returning to what would be my house for the next weeks. Shirley told us, every town and city in here have a Catholic church and a park in the center. This one was very cute :)

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