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meet real pigs

visit a town or a village named after pigs (e.g. Schweinfurt, Ebersbach or Pigtown)

see the famous Pigs statue of Århus, Denmark

read George Orwell's Animal farm

watch some animated cartoon starring Porky Pig (a.k.a. Schweinchen Dick)

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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 2nd October 2007

By: marina

Hello! :stare: Today I arrived in Miami, Florida. I am staying in a small town by the name of North Bay Village.

Breaking out of my tight package wasn't at all easy! I had to struggle quite a bit.

When I finally managed to poke out little more than my snout, there were so many unfamiliar faces staring at me that I almost went back inside! I felt so shy. But they were all nice to me, and helped me out of my tight envelope.

As soon as I was out, I gave my host a letter written by ondrejliska. She seemed very happy as she took it. :)

With that out of the way, I got acquainted with everyone there. Palmito the monkey is also a Toy Voyager but he has never been anywhere yet as he is waiting for his tag. Then there was Budd the kitten, who has already traveled to many places and was so kind and friendly to me that I soon felt quite at ease. I also met Trapito the scarecrow and Rosemary the skunk. Trapito seemed shy, like me, but a nice guy. I think we will get along well. Rosemary was also very soft-spoken, but not shy. She was just very ladylike. Both will become Toy voyagers soon.

I was quite tired after my trip, so my host told everyone to let me rest awhile. She wrapped me in a blanket and gave me a book to read.

The title was Animal Farm, and I was delighted, as this is a book I have been wanting to read for a while! Pigs play a very important role in the story. Now one of my missions has been accomplished!

Even though I was sleepy, I became so enthralled that I didn't stop reading until I was finished.

...Then, I slept soundly.

A bit later, Palmito woke me up. He invited me to play hide-and-seek with everyone else. We had a very good time!

So far, things are going great. Although right now the weather here is stormy, windy and very humid--good thing they have air conditioner. And, also, I think I have a bit of jet lag, but I'll be fine. I wonder what fun things will I get to do tomorrow? :cyclops:

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