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Coconut Creek, FL, USA - 14th October 2007

By: marina

Today I finally went someplace exciting--and I made many new friends, too!

We went to a place called Butterfly Garden. It was truly incredible. My host apologized to me for not being able to take me more places, but I think just this one makes my trip to Florida worthwhile! :D

There were a lot of other Toy Voyagers with me in the car. Here I am with Budd, Helen Bear, Romeo, Mumble, Mommet (who is apparently Trapito's lost twin or something), Mocha, Snegovik and Prince Charming. Our four hosts are with us too: carlissa, pkboo, marina and tarepanda.

Budd and me.

It was a pretty long ride, but I could look out the window so I wasn't bored.

We're almost there!

Here we are at a lake in Tradewinds Park. Butterfly Garden is close by.

Yaay, we're here!!! :) I'm so excited.

There were butterflies wherever you looked--and they were very tame! Not afraid of people (or pigs!) at all.


Here you could watch butterflies as they came out of their cocoons.

Me, Budd and Romeo, a new friend.

I went on a search to see how many butterflies I could find. :)



Hey!! There's a butterfly on tarepanda's back! :o It is actually one of the prettiest butterflies in the garden; its wings are of an amazing bright blue. But they are closed now, so you can't see it...

The butterfly stayed there for a long, long time. When it was time to leave that part of the garden, an employee had to carefully remove it because it wouldn't budge at all. When it was picked up by its wings, the butterfly kicked its tiny legs like crazy! Then it flew away...

Behind me you can a wonderful artificial lake filled with Japanese koi. It was beautiful.

Right above that small waterfall, many butterflies gathered and fluttered.

The cute Japanese koi.

Me and Budd on a mossy rock by the lake.

Later, clarissa released a BookCrossing book. Here I am next to it with Budd. We heard it was picked up quickly.

That was our day at Butterfly Garden. I had a lot of fun. And I even got a souvenir for Ondřej! :D

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