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Madeley, England - 9th September 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Saturday cont:

I did a lot of climbing today. I love climbing - it must be the tiger in me!

Once I'd climbed off the postbox I went exploring the Victorian village further. There was a model of Richard Trevithick's steam locomotive - the earliest steam loco - which was fascinating. I also climbed onto a Victorian Coal Merchant's cart, which would have been pulled by a horse as they didn't have cars in those days.

In the wheelwright's shop I sat on a coffin, although I kept an eye out, just incase I was shut inside.

The most exciting part of the visit was meeting the Victorian policeman. He was very friendly and let me have my photo taken with him. He sat me on his lamp, which warmed my bottom.

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . I had my photo taken inside a 'thunder box'. I wasn't sure what this was at first, it looked like a little brick room in the garden, with a piece of wood with a hole cut in it. It turned out that it was a Victorian toilet. I bet it wasn't very nice in the winter, cold and with spiders and things - yuk!

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