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Novosibirsk, Russia - 19th January 2008

By: Cosmica

Today we've been to an artist's studio. The first what I saw there was this absolutely fantastic dog. I've never seen such an energetic creature before:  :stare:


The artist's name is Natasha. You can see her paintings on the walls:



I felt myself like an artist too when I saw all this things - brushes, colouring, bottles and many other interesting stuff!


Then we drank tea with Russian traditional round cracknels. They are delicious and crisp!  :)


We painted these fruits. It was a bit difficult for I don't know how to deal with watercolours  :rolleyes:


I've promised to show you Siberian birches all covered with snow. Here you are:


And this is an example of local special transport. This is a car of Special Medical Service. I've asked my host what this means but she doesn't know either  B)


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