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Novosibirsk, Russia - 1st February 2008

By: Cosmica

Yesterday we decided that we need some shake-up and went to a concert. We started with bear which is rather usual for any club.


The first band was named Brothers-Pilots in honour of the two popular detective brothers (not pilots actually) from a very funny cartoon. Brothers-Pilots are a punk-rock band, rather fresh sound, ricky-tick beat, full of energy. They were followed with quite a harmonious indie band named Glaza (Eyes). It's strange but the soloist has abolutly vampire-like cuspids!


And the last but not the least band was named Nebo Londona (London Sky) which reminded me of my home. I felt a little nostalgic but it was not the time to feel sad so I relaxed and went dancing!


The concert was over but we felt the need to discuss it and returned to the bar counter.


And we have great plans for tomorrow. I will not tell you anything today so keep tracking!

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