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Novosibirsk, Russia - 2nd February 2008

By: Cosmica

I've promised you to show something interesting. Here you are. Today we've been to a winter bike-fest! Just imagine riding a bike through the local huge amount of snow - one should be very brave and athletic to do that!

But first of all we needed to get to Lokomotiv Skiing Lodge. There is a Children's Railroad in the Park (it connects Zaeltsovsky Park with the local zoo) but it does not function in winter.


And this is the station:

So we went through a real piny wood.


We arrived just in time to see the start:

Then bikers started. Some of them were riding, the others were just running with the bicycles. It was a real fun to see all this stuff!

Then we went to the finish to see who would come first. Here is the winner!


On the way back I was impressed with this fence-like densityof the wood.

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