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To visit many football places.

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Vienna, Austria - 13th July 2007

By: ChristinaB

Well, before leaving Austria (which will be tomorrow) I still had to complete some of my life missions (or at least post the photos, some of the missions I already fullfilled a few days ago...)

So my host took me to the park the family spends MANY afternoons at just hanging around on the playground. I had alot of fun trying all the different things there - thank you for that!

I also had the opportunity of riding in an Austrian train. We went to a village about 20 min away from Vienna where we visited some friends. Fortunately nobody came to check our tickets (because I didn't have one, ooopsss!). I also went by tramway several times here in Vienna and even took the subway, but we forgot to take some photos. Only a tramway picture exists (we quickly took one today ;)

I met many of the other toyvoyagers here in Vienna. Frida and Pooh you already saw on the picture where we picked the cherries, Taro and CK as well. Meanwhile also Paz, the little crab from Brazil, Florence, the beautiful flamingo from the USA and Cute Knut the polar bear baby from Germany arrived. And of course there were also the toys who live here to play with, so I really had a nice time here in Vienna. Good bye!!![usr]


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