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Drink Grape Juice in 4 different countries.

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Help stomp grapes for wine making.

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Eat goober grape.

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Randburg, South Africa - 7th June 2008

By: Vicki

Hello, I'm here, hooray! That was quite a journey and it is lovely to be back on terra firma! Vicki actually fetched me from the P O Box yesterday afternoon and her children Juanita and Nicholas were so excited to see me. I am the first TV to visit with them and I arrived together with Emil. They were arguing about who would look after which one of us first!!


We also met Pearlz, she's Juanita's TV and is preparing for her journey to the USA! She's very excited.


The children showed us their drawings and paintings, wow! This is quite a collection. There I am with Emil, sitting between all the artwork.


We were introduced to Lulu, the little dog. She wanted to play but Juanita said she would look after us, thank goodness!


This is a wooden carving in Vicki's dining room. They call him Mugabe because he comes from Zimbabwe.


Juanita was holding us and showing us around their house, while proudly wearing her sash for winning the Miss Photogenic title at her school's pageant.


It gets really chilly here,the temp drops to 4C through the night! I will climb into Nicholas' slipper, no, it is not smelly! It's brand new!


All this excitement is exhausting, I think it is time for bed. We are cuddling up with Juanita tonight. Wow! This is a nice BIG bed! Nighty, night........sleep tight.....


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