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Drink Grape Juice in 4 different countries.

Eat as many different types of grapes as possible.

Help stomp grapes for wine making.

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Eat goober grape.

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Randburg, South Africa - 14th June 2008

By: Vicki

Hi there Mom! Vicki says she is sorry she hasn't updated more regularly but it has been a really hectic week and I have had a lot of fun! The children take good care of me, so here goes with what we have been up to!
On Monday and Tuesday it was very chilly so we just stayed cuddled up at home, watching videos but on Wednesday I went to school with Nicholas. He kept me safe in his pocket with my head sticking out so I could see where we were going. In the afternoon he played a soccer match against another school! It was sooo exciting and Vicki and I were shouting for Nicholas' team.


Nic's team won the match, with the score 3-1...


but it was a nailbiting game.


After the match we went home for lunch and Vicki made us tea (what NO grape juice?!), which we enjoyed with a traditional South African Koeksuster. They were delicious but so sweet!


It is a plait or knot of dough that is fried and then plunged into cold syrup, yummy but Vicki says she can't eat more that one.
After relaxing for  a bit, we popped in to visit Mrs C and all her teddies.


Can you see Emil and I here in the front? I have never seen so many bears together! MrsC is helping Threadbear to achieve his mission of giving 500 bears to the Teddybear clinic here in Johannesburg.


Here we are with Threadbear and his brother Buttons.


We also got to meet Pinky bear and Fiona. It was lovely to sit and chat with the ladies!! (Blush!) We had a grape, I mean great time together!! What an exciting visit, Vicki took some more bears to Mrs C, to add to the collection. There are about 160 bears on this couch! Imagine 500?! I think you had better build on another room Mrs C!!


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