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Pretoria, South Africa - 15th June 2008

By: Vicki

Hi there...
Whew, things have been busy around here! And it is very chilly too!! On Sunday it was Father's Day here in SA and Vicki and the children treated Ken to lunch out in Pretoria or Tshwane as it is now known.
First we went to the 'Voortrekker Monument'....


The children had never been to this monument commemorating the Voortrekkers, who were Dutch, French and German settlers. These settlers (or pilgrims) were not happy with the Cape government and from 1835 onwards decided to start trekking inland to get away from the British government. We took so many photos! There are beautiful bronze sculptures, can you see Emil and I?? This was a huge ox-wagon.


This was a beautiful bronze statue of a Voortrekker mother and her children.


We went to the top of the monument (about three stories high!!) and there is Pretoria in the background but it was a very hazy day. Wow! It sure is a long drop down there!


Here are the marble wall murals, they all tell a story.



This photo was taken from the very top looking down to where the cenotaph lies, way down. Luckily Vicki didn't need me to pose for this photo, whew!


This is the flame of civilisation in South Africa.


And this is a photo of the outside of the building.


Here is the canon called 'Grietjie'. It was taken on the trek for protection. Thank goodness it doesn't work anymore!! Juanita sat us on top here!


There are beautiful tapestries and paintings displayed in the museum. This one was a painting with embroidery over it.


There is a huge wall surrounding the monument and there are 64 ox-wagons like this one all around the wall. The gardens are also very pretty.


And we all posed for a photo in front of the monument. Vicki sure is crazy about taking photos.


We went into the gift and curio shop and Juanita and Nicholas showed us some other little animals like the springbok and the crocodile. They tried to convince Vicki to buy some more to make into TV's to travel the world but Vicki said that the two TV's they have (Potjie and Pearlz) are enough for now.


In between the beautifully decorated ostrich eggs.....


...and next to the miniature hand made Baobab trees, indigenous to Southern Africa.


After all that sight seeing, we had worked up a thirst so off to the Blue Crane restaurant and here I am with a nice cool drink! What? No grape juice???


The Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa, it is really looks so regal.http://www.sa-venues.com/wildlife/birds_blue_crane.htm


Great Vicki! That's it, not too close now...


On the road again....


After a delicious lunch, we were off to visit the Union Buildings which is the official seat of government and one of the state residences. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa.


What another canon? This one stands outside the Union Buildings and you can see Pretoria behind me.


This photo could be made into a postcard. What do you think Mom? Pretoria city is in the background.


We finally hit the road back home to Randburg. This is one of the squatter camps we passed on our way. It is called Nooitgedacht. There are so many immigrants (legal and illegal) streaming in from neighbouring countries. Some live in squatter camps like this one.


This is a view of Cosmo City and the Dome in the distance. Cosmo City is the low cost housing that is being built for previously disadvantaged people.


Here I am just outside the Dome. Overseas stars come here and hold concerts and exhibitions are held here too. Vicki said she would bring us back another day for a closer look. We are heading back home now after a busy day out.


Bye mom, missing you but having fun! :D

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