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Randburg, South Africa - 20th June 2008

By: Vicki

Hello again from me, way down south! It is always busy in this household but we are joining in the fun and getting along nicely. Today it is Friday and the children went to art lessons in the afternoon and Vicki got us McDonald's for supper, YUM!


And we all shared a huge chocolate.


Nicholas cuddled up with us in the blanket, it is really chilly here at night and in the early morning. It has been miserable and rainy too which according to Vicki is quite unusual. They don't have wet winters here in Gauteng.


This is their video/dvd collection and Nicholas was proud to show us his Playstation games too. I was allowed to pick a movie. We watched Hairspray, since Nicholas is acting in the school production of Hairspray next week. We get to go and watch, yippeee!


Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you about Percy! He is the parrot, who only likes Vicki. Anybody else will get a bite if they go near. He talks a lot and has a large vocabulary, only thing is he keeps singing 'It's raining, it's pouring...' even if the sun is shining outside! Silly bird! I have to share his grapes with him, he's crazy about grapes, like me!


I wanted to show you Juanita's and Nicholas' art. Remember the photo I sent you in the beginning of the'gallery'? Well here are photos of what they are working on at the moment. Juanita is busy with a drawing of herslf and Nicholas together, she is making it for Vicki and Nicholas has a collage of cameleons. They are both so good!


That's it for Friday, tomorrow's Saturday and another busy day ahead.

Love Grape Ape.

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