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SFU, Burnaby, BC, Canada - 11th July 2008

By: AbbyB

Abby needed to buy some things at her new school, so she took us along.

Simon Fraser University is a fairly new school, only 43 years old.  It was designed by Arthur Erickson, one of Vancouver's most famous architects.  It's on top of Burnaby Mountain, and so it's often quite foggy, and in the winter if it's particularly snowy, then there is no bus service.

Abby didn't stay long enough to give me a grand tour, but I saw some of the more interesting sights.

This is the convocation mall.  Graduation ceremonies are held here, as well as many student gatherings.



Behind me, you can see the academic quadrangle.



And here is inside of it



On the roofs you can see some of the mountains to the north of Vancouver.  It it hadn't been so smoggy, Abby would have tried to take a picture of Vancouver on the other side of campus.


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