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Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada - 15th July 2008

By: AbbyB

Today I woke up to find that Abby had moved Lemmy and I from our cushy place in one of her bags, to the kitchen table with a darning needle in front of us.  Turns out that the needle had nothing to do with either of us (phew!) and Abby was just returning it to her sister.  It also turns out that Erin was taking us to an unknown place for a bike ride while Abby was off earning money to pay for her toyvoyagers habit.

Maple Ridge and the next town, Pitt Meadows, have a lot of farm land; in fact Maple Ridge is fairly well-known for its horse breeding and berry crops.  Pitt Meadows is rather flat, and so there are dikes around all the rivers to prevent flooding.  They are very scenic and we visited a couple today.


This is one of the dikes.


This is one of the farms in the area



Also, some of the horses



Erin also showed me the South Alouette River.


Here is another dike we biked on.  Not all of the dikes are this well maintained; some are very overgrown and a little difficult to walk or bike on.


It gave us a nice view of the river again.


Thanks Erin, for taking me on a bike ride :)

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