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Victoria, BC, Canada - 2nd August 2008

By: AbbyB

Next, it was off to the Legislative Buildings.

First, we visited the local war memorial.


And then to the buildings themselves.


In front of the buildings was a statue of Queen Victoria, who was Britain's monarch when BC joined Canada.



We wandered around to the back of the buildings.  There was a garden in the back, with an old sundial.


This is the library.


On it are many carved figures.  This tells us who; various explorers and founders of British Columbia.  There are also heads carved in relief of famous philosophers and writers.



Next, we went on a tour inside the legislative buildings.

Here, out tour guide is explaining the coat of arms.  The shield in the centre is a smaller version of the flag.  the two animals represent the colonies of Vancouver Island (left) and mainland BC (right).  The crown at the top symbolizes alliegence to the British crown.  The motto is below, with dogwoods below that, the provincial flower.


The motto, Splendor Sine Occasu, means Splendor Without Deminishment.


This is where the Premier and the Members of the Legislative Assemby meet to debate.


This window was made to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee in 2002.  She visited here to unveil it.



This window is to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. 


The tour ended and we wandered down to the waterfront.


If you look on this map, I am standing about where my right ear is.


There are a lot of buskers around.  This man was playing the bagpipes.


On the sea wall there was a statue of Captain James Cook, one of teh men who explored the West Coast.


Along the sea wall there are many small vendors selling things they have made and art they have created.



Across the water you can see the Empress Hotel, the grandest hotel in Victoria.


There are many organizations trying to take advantage of the crowds attending the BC 150 celebrations.  This display was put on by BC Hydro, the main power supplier to BC.


I showed off my power-saving smarts and won Abby a lanyard.


On the way back to the car, I noticed this mural on the side of a building of Vancouver Island.  Victoria is right at the bottom.  At the top right where the skyscrapers are painted, that is Vancouver.  The lower part of Vancouver Island, where we are, is the only part of Western Canada that is below the 49th parallel.


On the street, this man was creating famous masterpieces with chalk.  Abby said that he was here the last time she was here a year ago, in the exact same spot.


Finally, we stopped at Rogers Chocolates.  I tried their ice cream at Bard on the Beach.


Everyone bought a Victoria cream.  Mine was wild cherry flavoured.


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