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Read Horton Hears a Who all in 3 different languages.

Find Who Ville.

Watch How the Grinch stole Christmas (the cartoon or one with Jim Carrey).

Eat green eggs and ham.

See real elephants.

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Rome, NY , USA - 25th April 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Hello! My name is Horton. I was recently "rescued" from Target. I saw my new owner and her husband walking down the isle at Target. I was screaming out in hopes that they would see me. They looked like nice people and I wanted them to take me home with them. Sadly they didn't hear me, so as a last resort I threw myself off the shelf and onto the floor. That got their attention! My owner picked me up and said that I was cute, after showing her husband they decided to take me home with them. Yes, my plan worked!

Now that I have been rescued I would like to see the world! If you would like to host me please send my owner a PM.



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