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Read Horton Hears a Who all in 3 different languages.

Find Who Ville.

Watch How the Grinch stole Christmas (the cartoon or one with Jim Carrey).

Eat green eggs and ham.

See real elephants.

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Rocklin, CA, USA - 9th May 2008

By: magickzzl

Izzy has been holding us hostage for 5 days!! Just kidding! Izzy's kitty Mr. Pickles got sick on her keyboard, and so she had to wait to get a new one.. But Mr. Pickles is feeling much better now! Today was Izzy's last day of school, so we went with her to help her with finals. That bum is mostly taking art classes! But we helped her study for English, we read the poem "the Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop. After her final Izzy took us to the science building which also houses a natural history museum! We found a stuffed deer with.. fangs! I was afraid but Scott the lobster protected me. Its called a Mutjak and they come from India! Their one of the oldest species of deer around! They look like vampires to me!
After we left the museum we headed to the art building to help out with a final critique, where the students have to talk about their work in front of the whooooooole class. Izzy did hers on tuesday, so she just laughed. When everything was done we found the printing press, which they use to sqeeeeeeze ink and paper together! We tried to squeeze Scott, but he was just to strong!


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